Ready for a Grand Tour of Automatic Seeds?

Join us for a quick tour of fully autoflowering cannabis seeds. We’ll show you were they’ve been, how far they’ve come and where we think their going. Ready to roll? Hang on – it’s an exciting ride!

The Joint Doctor – The Very First Autoflowering Cannabis Seed is Born!

The Joint Doctor worked a little THC-enriched miracle when he came out with Lowryder. This is universally recognized as the world’s first commercially-available autoflowering cannabis seed, and it’s still the gold standard for new breeding projects.

  • Lowryder #1 Is the Original Automatic
  • Williams Wonder X Northern Lights #2 X Mexican Ruderalis
  • Small & Stealthy with 10 to 12% THC

Suddenly, collectors new and old could achieve success with a fully autoflowering dwarf in just 60 days from seed, something that was impossible to believe until you actually tried it. Since those early days, the Joint Doctor has created a number of new strains including Chronic Ryder Autoflowering Feminised Seeds, and the original Lowryder has been renamed Lowryder #1 Feminized.

If you’re a purist, this is the autoflowering cannabis seed for you!

Feminised Seeds – The Master of Feminization Adds Maximum Flavour to the Automatic Market

Feminised Seeds is a world-renowned source for extremely stable, 100% feminized cannabis seeds, and one of their ventures into the realm of Automatic Seeds is a perfect example of how this category of weed seeds can be every bit as good as a traditional photoperiod seed.

  • Blue Treacle Doesn’t Compromise on Power or Flavour
  • Original Blueberry X Sweet Tooth Automatic
  • Still Small but THC Exceeds 15%!

This mix of Original Blueberry & Sweet Tooth Automatic tastes like candied berries, and the power level has been boosted to over 15% THC. Yields are very respectable, and Blue Treacle Automatic Feminized finishes in 60 to 65 days from seed no matter what. With this kind of performance, we don’t understand why anyone would bother with normal cannabis seeds.

If your taste buds rule, Blue Treacle is the one you need!

Auto Seeds – Tearing Up the Autoflowering Cannabis Seed Market

Auto Seeds hasn’t been around long, but they’re outselling almost every established brand in the cannabis seed trade – and every single one of their strains is a fully autoflowering cannabis seed. Amazing, but true! At this time, they offer 10 truly stunning, fully feminized Automatic Seeds, but we expect more soon. Auto Seeds is definitely the wave of the future!

And that’s just a small example of what this smoking-hot breeder has to offer. We highly suggest you take a look at the full Auto Seeds catalog and fill your collection with these wicked ladies. Just make sure you’re ready for the payload before you do!

If you’re a forward-thinking collector, you can’t go wrong with an authentic Auto Seeds automatic!