Automatic Seeds – Revolutionizing the Way the World Collects Premium Cannabis Seeds!

What would you say if we told you there was a much easier and simpler way to achieve success with high-powered cannabis seeds? Unless you're crazy, that should be a big 'Hell, Yeah!' Today's Automatic Seeds deliver the same intense power, incredible yield and amazing flavour as their traditional counterparts without the need for complicated & expensive lighting regimens. Sound too good to be true? For once, it's not!

close up THC shot of buds from autoflowering strains

Why Should I Choose Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds?

Now that the formula for creating Automatic Seeds has been perfected, most people don’t need a lot of convincing. These marvels of modern genetic engineering are growing in popularity with collectors of all types, and there are a few good reasons why they practically sell themselves.

  • Automatic Seeds are Faster, Stronger & Better than Ever!
  • AutoFems Make Multiple Collections Per Season Standard
  • New Generations Are Readily Available & Extremely Affordable

Beginners are thrilled with automatic seeds because they remove the need to closely monitor the amount of light their immature beans receive. On the other hand, even the most experienced collectors find that autoflowering seeds are extremely convenient due to their incredible speed. No matter what category you fall into, one thing is sure: you’ll thoroughly enjoy the latest wave of autoflowering strains.

Breeders which sell automatic seeds

What Are Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds?

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds are created by crossing a standard strain with Ruderalis, a breed from the extreme north that has practically no psychoactive chemicals. However, Ruderalis does have one extremely valuable feature. It begins to mature after a set time rather than waiting for seasonal lighting changes. By hybridizing just the right amount of Ruderalis with Sativa and Indica, the perfect mix is achieved – a high-performance marijuana seed that matures on cue with powerful psychoactive properties.

Are All Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds Equal?

Of course not. Early autoflowering cannabis seeds were pale imitations of the original strain. After several generations and lots of experimentation, innovative breeders unlocked the key to the perfect Automatic Seed. Finally, premium cannabis seeds that combine the ability to deliver like clockwork with the extreme power, high yields and full-bodied flavour are not only available, they’re plentiful and extremely affordable. Find Autoflowering Seeds at Gorilla Seeds, The Vault or the Weed Seed Shop.